Claireisms Story

Thank you for your interest in “Claireisms cards”! My name is Kathy Honey and “Claireisms” is based on my daughter Claire who has Down’s Syndrome. Claire is 11 years old. When she came into our family we had no idea what to expect. What we got is one of the sweetest, most loving and funny people that I have ever met!


I started posting on Facebook all of the funny things she did or said. What it did was educate people that just because someone has “special needs” does not mean that they are not smart and funny. Claire sees the world in her own unique way. The way that she looks at life has taught me and those who know her so very much. Many of the cards are things that she as actually told me and the ones that I have written are inspired by her or the other children who are featured on the cards.

I wanted to have other special needs in the line and raise awareness of them also. On the back of each card is a short paragraph of why I started these cards and then whatever special need the child on the front has and where to go for more information.

At this time we have cards featuring children with Down’s Syndrome, traumatic brain injury, hearing loss, neurofibromatosis and autism

“Claireisms” is a division of Cancer Girl LLC.