My Story

My name is Kathy Honey-Murphy

I was diagnosed with stage 3A breast cancer in August of 2011 at the age of 49. I went on to have a double mastectomy with reconstruction, 8 rounds of chemotherapy and 28 sessions of radiation as the cancer did get to two of my lymph nodes.

I was fortunate to have a wonderful circle of friends and family to help me through all of this. Every doctor told me that I was going to be just fine and that a good attitude helps immensely. When you receive a diagnosis of cancer, you learn one thing right away, people do not know what to say and it is always the elephant in the room.

Kathy and Claire

People often treat you like you are going to die when they hear that you have cancer. Yes, there are those who do. I lost my Mom to breast cancer when I was 23. Yet, I have met many survivors, some 30 or more year survivors and those are the ones we don’t always hear about.

I decided that I was going to have a good attitude (most days) and would try to find the humor in the horrible thing that I was going through. I decided to call myself what I was, Cancer Girl. I posted humorous observation on my facebook page and realized quickly that if I laughed, it put others at ease to ask me the questions that they wanted to ask.

Many of these cards are from my personal experiences and I think that if we can laugh, even a little, it can make everything better in the long run. Cancer patients need your love, support, and understanding. They also need to talk about it as it is their life, now and in the future. I want these cards to bring a smile and a laugh, even if for a moment. We all need that.

For now, I am fine. I have no cancer and am doing great. We never know what tomorrow will bring, so we need to have a little laugh for today and we will Fight Back With Attitude!

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