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Cancergirl LLC Cancer Cards for Her, For Him, and Gifts, Kathy HoneyWhen you’re diagnosed with cancer like I was, people don’t know what to say. One of two things usually happen… either people say nothing… {which isn’t good} or they tell you about the person they know that died from the kind of cancer you have {which isn’t good either}!

I quickly realized that they were not trying to be hurtful, but often death was their only experience with cancer and were just trying to be empathetic.

What did I learn?

I knew from having been a retailer for 16 years that there were not many {if any!} cards on the market that dealt with cancer in an uplifting and even humorous way. I decided to create a line of cards, based on my own experiences and the experiences of others that took what cancer Cancergirl LLC Kathy and Hubbypatients have to deal with and put a different twist on it…

…and Cancergirl cards were born.I since have created a companion line called Wordy Bird which is a more broad array of cards many offering encouragment.

I want women to feel that being bald from chemo is not something to hide and to share my experience that striving to keep a good attitude {although sometimes hard when you are bald, have no eyebrows and maybe 3 eyelashes}, trying to look at the bright side and laugh, profoundly helped me in addition to my friends and family to deal with something that was awful and difficult to go through.

So Fight Back With Attitude, keep laughing, and let us help your friends and family members see a different side of cancer!

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